Gulf War Clippings Index

September 1996

Report Criticizes Pentagon Probe of Troop Exposure to Nerve Gas
September 6, 1996 New York Times

"Gulf War Syndrome"
September 8, 1996 Seattle Times Cartoon

"Gulf War Syndrome -- Everything's Rosy"
September 1996 Herblock Cartoon

Gulf War Syndrome Gets New Diagnosis
September 9, 1996 Washington Post

"Nerve Gas Stonewall"
October 8, 1996 Washington Post Editorial

January 1997

Panel Releases Findings on Gulf War Syndrome
January 7, 1997 Reuters

Panel: no link between Gulf illnesses and nerve gas
Advisory group that faults, yet supports, Pentagon will stay on the job
January 7, 1997 CNN

"Not In Good Faith"
January 8, 1997 Washington Post Editorial

"Credibility on Gulf War Illness"
January 8, 1997 New York Times Editorial

Special White House Panel Rejects Chemical Exposure as Cause of Gulf War Illness
January 8, 1997 New York Times

Liberalized Rules Weighed for Gulf Disability Aid
January 8, 1997 Washington Post

Why Vets Are Sick / Panel gives possible causes
January 8, 1997 New York Newsday

Clinton Rejects Call for Outside Gulf Illness Probe
January 8, 1997 LA Times

For the Record -- comments by Deputy Secretary of Defense John White
-- January 8, 1997 Washington Post

Gulf Illness May Reflect Multiple Exposures, Report Says
January 9, 1997 New York Times

New Studies Indicate 6 Patterns of Gulf `Syndrome'
January 9, 1997 Washington Post

Gulf War illness genuine, Dallas researchers say: Neurological damage suspected
January 9, 1997 Dallas Morning News

"Abortion and Gulf War Studies"
January 10, 1997 New York Times Editorial

Schwarzkopf Defends Gulf War Logs: No Evidence of Chemical Weapons in Writings, Retired General Says
January 10, 1997 Washington Post

Government study finds clue to Gulf War Syndrome
January 21, 1997 CNN

Study: Gulf War Blast May Have Harmed Troops
January 21, 1997 Reuters

U.S. Agency Links Chemicals to One Illness of Gulf War Soldiers
January 22, 1997 New York Times

Schwarzkopf: No Evidence Of Chemical Exposure During Gulf War
January 29, 1997 CNN

Schwarzkopf Says Gulf War Gas Release Possible
January 30, 1997 Reuters

Gulf War Ills Puzzling to Schwarzkopf: Ex-Commander Disputes Suggestions of Carelessness
January 30, 1997 Washington Post

February 1997

Health Care for Reservists Who Served in Gulf War Overlooked, Hill Told
February 12, 1997 Washington Post

Army Knew in '91 of Chemical Weapons Dangers in Iraq
February 25, 1997 New York Times

Army knew about Gulf War chemical weapons depot: Pentagon says officers failed to alert troops
February 25, 1997 CNN

Clinton to Request Investigation of Report About Exposure
February 26, 1997 Fox

CIA Warned of Chemical Agents at Depot
February 26, 1997 LA Times

Report: Data Kept From Vets / Delay after briefing by CIA on nerve gas
February 26, 1997 New York Newsday

Pentagon Now Says It Knew of Chemical Weapons Risk
February 26, 1997 New York Times

CIA Warned Of Chemical Arms in '91
February 26, 1997 Washington Post

Clinton Orders Inquiry Into Destruction of Iraqi Depot in 1991
February 27, 1997 New York Times

Sarin Records "Lost" Pentagon blames computer virus
February 28, 1997 New York Newsday

Military Lost Logs on Chemical Use in Gulf War, Pentagon Says
February 28, 1997 New York Times

Most U.S. Logs On Chemicals In Gulf Missing: Army Reports Tracked Iraq's Weapons Use
February 28, 1997 Associated Press

March 1997

Defense Probe Ordered on Gulf War Logs
March 3, 1997 Reuters

Lacking Clues to Nerve Gas
March 4, 1997 New York Newsday

U.S. To Investigate Disappearance of Gulf War Chemical Logs
March 4, 1997 New York Times

Pentagon chief criticizes Gulf War record-keeping: But Cohen pledges 'thorough' investigation
March 5, 1997 CNN

Defense Secretary Defends Pentagon Inquiry Into Gulf War Illness
March 6, 1997 New York Times

More Time for Gulf War Claims
March 8, 1997 New York Times

CIA Studies Arms Explosions
March 18, 1997 Associated Press

CIA: Third chemical weapon incident in Gulf
March 18, 1997 CNN

C.I.A. Data Suggests Wider Spread of Gulf War Nerve Gas
March 19, 1997 New York Times

CIA Suspected in 1986 Iraqi Site Held Chemicals: Panel Probes Lack of Warning in Gulf War Action
March 19, 1997 Washington Post

The CIA and Gulf War Illness -- Nora Slatkin
March 30, 1997 Letter to the Editor Washington Post

April 1997

CIA failed to warn U.S. troops about Iraqi chemical dump
April 9, 1997 CNN

CIA Says it Knew of Iraqi War Gas in 1986
April 9, 1997 Reuters

C.I.A. Says It Failed to Give Data on Iraqi Arms
April 10, 1997 New York Times

CIA Knew in '84 of Iraq Poison Gas
April 10, 1997 Washington Post

CIA admits it knew about chemicals in Iraqi bunker
April 10, 1997 Hartford Courant

"Cerebellum in Rectorum Est"
April 10, 1997 Pat Oliphant Cartoon

"Intelligence Incompetence"
April 11, 1997 New York Times Editorial

"Sloppy and Unreliable"
April 11, 1997 Washington Post Editorial

"A Waste of Intelligence"
April 11, 1997 LA Times Editorial

"Iraqi Chemical Weapons Puzzle -- What do you Want?"
April 11, 1997 Ted Auth Cartoon

Sources Describe Tug of War In CIA on Poison Gas Secrets
April 11, 1997 Washington Post

CIA Deputy Faces Hurdle Over Reports on Iraq Arms
April 12, 1997 New York Times

Powell says U.S. troops fully prepared for chemical weapons in Gulf War
April 17, 1997 Associated Press

"Oh, THAT Nerve Gas" -- Art Buchwald
April 17, 1997 Washington Post

Powell: Didn't get CIA's chemical weapons warning
April 17, 1997 CNN

CIA Unfairly Blamed in Chemical Blast, Panel Told
April 17, 1997 New York Times

Powell Says He Did Not Get CIA Weapons Warning
April 17, 1997 Reuters

Powell Says C.I.A. Did Not Warn of Chemical Arms in Gulf
April 18, 1997 New York Times

Weapons Expert Tells of Possible Iraqi Gas Attacks in Gulf War
April 25, 1997 New York Times

May 1997

Panel blasts CIA, Pentagon on Gulf War illness probe
May 1, 1997 Associated Press

Pentagon to Name Adviser on Gulf Illnesses
May 1, 1997 New York Times

Former Sen. Rudman to Lead Gulf Illness Probe
May 1, 1997 Reuters

Pentagon adds high-profile adviser on Gulf illness
May 2, 1997 Associated Press

White House Panel Raps Pace of Chemical Arms Probe
May 2, 1997 Washington Post

Panel Advises Telling Troops of Mustard-Gas Exposure
May 8, 1997 New York Time

Marines Tell Gulf War Panel "Fox" Detection Vehicles Warned of Gas
May 8, 1997 Washington Post

June 1997

House Members Call for Reversal of Presidential Report
June 21, 1997 New York Times

Nerve-Gas Mystery Lingers / Pentagon promises some answers soon
June 30, 1997 New York Newsday

July 1997

New Estimate on Troops' Gas Exposure
July 25, 1997 New York Newsday

New Data on Nerve Gas in Gulf War Spurs Inquiry
July 25, 1997 New York Times

"Pentagon disinformation, denials betray gulf vets"
July 28, 1997 USA Today Editorial

U.N. Reveals New Evidence of Gas From 2nd Iraqi Depot
July 30, 1997 New York Times

Defense Dept. Dismisses One of Its Reports on Iraqi Gas
July 31, 1997 New York Times

CIA Explores Gulf Exposure to Mustard Gas
July 31, 1997 Washington Post

August 1997

Pentagon was aware of Gulf chemical threat
August 13, 1997 USA Today/Gannett

Half of Gulf-Illness Panel Now Calls Gas a Possible Factor:
"What we found out about Kamisiyah, that's eye-opening"
August 19, 1997 New York Times

September 1997

Benefits, Care Urged for Ailing Gulf War Veterans
`Permanent, Statutory' Program Necessary to Protect Government's Credibility, Panel Says
September 6, 1997 Washington Post

Panel Wants Pentagon to Lose Gulf-Inquiry Authority
September 6, 1997 New York Times

"Gulf War Denial"
September 14, 1997 Bangor Maine Daily News Editorial

Gulf Illness Treated "Cavalierly" -- Schwarzkopf Says He Made Errors
September 15, 1997 USA Today

"Shift the Gulf War probe -- Veterans need faith in the system"
September 16, 1997 Nashville Tennessean Editorial

Mistrust of Pentagon on Illness In Gulf Grows, Report Concludes
September 24, 1997 Washington Post

Panel Said to Lash Pentagon on Gulf War Probe
September 25, 1997 Reuters

Pentagon Should Retain Role in Illness Inquiry, Cohen Says
September 26, 1997 New York Times

October 1997

Copies of Gulf War Logs Found
October 24, 1997 Associated Press

Investigators Find Excerpts of Gulf War Chemical Logs
October 24, 1997 New York Times

Gulf War Logs on Chemicals Reported Lost in Office Move
October 24, 1997 Washington Post

House Panel Critical Of Pentagon Gulf War Syndrome Inquiry
October 26, 1997 New York Times

Clinton To Back Gulf Illness Study
October 31, 1997 Associated Press

Panel Says Pentagon Ignored Signs of Poison Gas
October 31, 1997 New York Times

November 1997

"Pentagon Bias on Gulf War Illness"
November 3, 1997 New York Times Editorial

Clinton To Name Gulf Illness Panel
November 8, 1997 Associated Press

Clinton to Form Oversight Panel on Gulf War Illnesses
November 8, 1997 Los Angeles Times

Special Panel Will Oversee Gulf Inquiry by Pentagon
November 8, 1997 New York Times

Clinton Unveils Gulf War Illness Panel
November 8, 1997 Reuters

More Help for Gulf War Veterans on the Way
November 8, 1997 Washington Post

$3 Million Study of Gulf War Illnesses Criticized
November 8, 1997 Washington Post

Independent Panel Recommended To Oversee Probe of Gulf War Illness
November 9, 1997 Washington Post

"It's About Time"
November 17, 1997 San Diego Union Tribune Editorial

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